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Condos Custom Leather

Sheath with removable retention strap for J Neilson kitchen knife

Sheath for J Neilson Adirondak Hunter

My stacked sheaths are made with 7-8oz leather, fully lined with 2-3oz leather. The come fully tooled in a variety of patterns, and typically have a Sam Browne button for the retention strap. They have a full leather welt to protect the stitching from being cut, and normally have a 3-3.5" belt loop.   My designs are heavily influenced by Master Leathersmith and mentor Paul Long.

Available in brown, tan, chestnut and black.

Back of C-style sheath

Randall C-style stacked sheath for Randall 1-7 w/Doan Firestarter

Stacked sheath for Randall #1-8, fully leather lined

Stacked sheath with Ostrich Leg inlay for custom fighter