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Condos Custom Leather

Available buckles and conchos

Fully tooled personalized guitar strap with Concho 4, Buckle 8

Guitar Strap with Concho 2, Buckle 8 and Ostrich Leg inlays

Standard smooth guitar strap with Buckle 1

Buckle 8

Buckle 9

Concho 1

Concho 2

Concho 3

Buckle 1

Buckle 2

Buckle 3

Buckle 4

These Western-style straps are made using the same top quality leather as my sheaths.   The back of the straps are fully lined (including the backs of the buckle straps), using the same top quality leather, so the strap will slide easily across your shoulder without pulling your shirt around .

Using the strap length from your current strap, I will custom-fit the strap to your length.  The buckle will allow minor adjustment for different clothing, etc. (usually one inch smaller to 2 inches larger).

Ends can be punched for standard strap buttons or strap locks.

A variety of tooling, and silver-plated buckles and conchos are available.  If you don't see something you like here I can probably get what you want.  I can also use customer-provided buckles and conchos.

Straps are designed to be worn with the buckle in the back, but can be worn in front if it feels comfortable to you.

You will not find a better made, nicer looking, more durable strap - Period!

Guitar Strap with buckle 2 and Basketweave tooling

Concho 4

Concho 5

Concho 6

Concho 7

Buckle 5

Buckle 6

Buckle 7