599 Onion Creek Ranch Rd, Driftwood TX 78619

Condos Custom Leather


Q:  What kind of leather do you use?

A:  I use premium grade USA-tanned, drum dyed, skirting leather from Wickett & Craig. 

This leather is used for all my sheaths, holsters and guitar straps.

Q:  What thickness leather do you use?

A:  Both my sheaths and guitar straps are typically 7-8oz leather, with a 2-3oz lining.

     Leather lined holsters are 8oz front and back, and mag pouches are 6-7oz unlined.  Suede holsters are 5-6oz leather backed with 3oz suede.

(One ounce equals 1/64")

Q:  Are all your sheaths fully lined?

A:  The bushcraft, stacked and pouch style sheaths are fully lined, including the inside of the belt loop.  The fitted sheaths have a lined backside (so the belt loop is lined), however the front contour-fitted section is not lined so it can be accurately wet-molded to the knife.

Q:  What material do you use for lining?

A:  For the bushcraft, stacked sheaths and guitar straps, the lining is 2-3oz leather, the same leather as used for the outside of the sheath.  On pouch style sheaths, I use 2-3oz Deerskin for the lining. 

Q:  How do you stitch your product?

A:  My stacked and pouch sheaths are normally machine-sewn.  Horizontal fitted sheaths typically use a combination of machine and hand stitching, while the vertical fitted sheaths are 100% hand sewn.  Holsters are machine-stitched.

Q:  What style of sheaths do you make?

A:  I make horizontal carry bushcraft sheaths, horizontal carry stacked sheaths that utilize a retention strap, vertical and horizontal carry pouch and fitted sheaths.

Q:  I want a snap instead of the Sam Browne button to retain my strap on the stacked sheath, is that possible?

A:  Of course!

Q:  What form of payment do you accept?

A:  Money orders, cashiers checks and Paypal.  Personal checks accepted as well, but work will not start till check clears.

Q:  Do I need to send you my knife to use as a template?

A:  If it is a custom knife, yes.  If it is a production knife I may have one already (see Knife Sheath page).  Sheath/knives are always returned signature-required and fully insured.  I also recommend they be sent to me the same (US Postal Service preferred) to prevent any potential delivery issues.

Q:  I heard you will be making custom holsters soon.  Is that true?

A:  Yes!!  I am now making Pancake style holsters, with IWB soon to come.